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1. Scope of activity

Building materials manufacturer “SCHWENK” is a family-owned company with many legal entities, multiple business directions, management structures and technical systems that cross borders. This Privacy Statement applies to all domains of the website owned by “SCHWENK”, including social media sites, as well as the websites of our wholly owned affiliates (the "Website"), except when the Privacy Policy or Statement relating to a specific “SCHWENK” program, product or service may replace or supplement this Privacy Statement.

The mission of “SCHWENK” mission is to protect the privacy of our clients. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, “client” (or “you”) is any person who visits, uses or places orders on the Website. This Privacy Statement does not apply to companies that are not wholly owned by “SCHWENK”.

2. Your privacy rights

Person-identifying Information (PII) is data that identifies a person, such as name, address, email address, and phone number. If a client voluntarily chooses to provide “SCHWENK” with his/her PII, this data will only be used to provide the information or service requested by the client in accordance with the terms and conditions that the client had read prior to the disclosure of his/her PII. In addition, “SCHWENK” does not sell or otherwise disclose your PII to third parties to enable them to sell the products and services to you.

3. Your privacy settings

Your browser may have turned on cookies. "Cookie" in this context is a small file that is placed on your hard drive when you visit a website. This Website uses cookies and Google Analytics to make your Website navigation easier and to collect statistical information. Google Analytics helps us accurately determine the number of visitors to our Website and volume of use. This in turn ensures fast service availability at any time.

By continuing to use this Website, you agree to the use of the “SCHWENK” cookies for the above-mentioned limited purposes.

“SCHWENK” promotes a culture of transparency in respect to privacy and believes that the more information you have about your privacy status, the better you will be able to control your PII. For more details on switching off cookies, visit This link gives you access to another website that will open in a new window in your browser. “SCHWENK” is not responsible for the content of

4. Links to non – “SCHWENK” websites

Our Website may include links to other websites that we do not control, and that are outside of the scope of this Privacy Statement. If you visit other websites through these links, the operators of those websites may request information from you that they use in accordance with their privacy statement, which may differ from our Privacy statement. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of other websites you visit through links in our Website.

“SCHWENK” can also provide social media features that allow you to share information on your social network accounts, as well as communicate with “SCHWENK” on social media sites (namely “SCHWENK” Official Facebook Page). While using these features, information about you may be collected or shared, depending on the privacy settings you have made on the account you are using and on the social media site. We encourage you to review the privacy policies and settings of the social media sites you visit to make sure you understand what information these sites may collect, use and share.

5. Collection of PII

If a client places orders for products or services, participates in a contest, or submits other types of information to “SCHWENK” during the visit of the Website, it is possible that the client has transferred its PII to “SCHWENK”.

“SCHWENK” does not collect information about children. We encourage parents and guardians to actively monitor the activities and interests of their children on the Internet and on mobile phones.

6. Sensitive information

Sensitive personal data is information that provides information about a person's race and ethnicity, political views, religious and philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sexual orientation. Please do not provide sensitive personal data to “SCHWENK”. It is not in our interest to collect, use, store or otherwise process such information.

7. Purpose of the use of PII

“SCHWENK” collects, exports and uses PII to provide better client service and in accordance with the purpose of the client's actions on the Website. Such gathering of information is done by informing and obtaining the consent of the client, and by ensuring that the information is collected in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection laws.

8. “SCHWENK” data storage duration

The PII you submit to us will only be kept for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or as required by law.

9. International transfer of information

“SCHWENK” may exchange PII of its client with other companies owned by “SCHWENK” and/or third-party suppliers that process data on our behalf.

Since “SCHWENK” operates in several countries around the world, this may mean that we may transfer our client information to other countries, including countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). “SCHWENK” makes every effort to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Authorities by guaranteeing that your PII will be subject to the same protection as in the EEA, and by guaranteeing its safe storage and use only in accordance with our instructions and for the purposes we have provided at the time of PII collection.

“SCHWENK” reserves the right to disclose its client's PII as required by law or the disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with requirements of legal proceedings, court order, request provided by a regulatory body or as a part any other official proceedings that we are subject to.

10. Protection of your PII

“SCHWENK” appreciates your trust. “SCHWENK” takes reasonable and appropriate physical, technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the information we collect and process to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of information, to maintain the accuracy of data and to ensure the appropriate use of information.

11. Amendments of the Privacy Statement

We regularly review our Privacy Statement and reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement if necessary. We will publish updated Privacy Statement on this Website.

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